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Board and Train dog training spots fill fast! 

In order to give our canine clients the best care and training possible, we limit the number of Board and Train dogs. As a result our popular 2 and 5 Week Board and Train dog training programs fill up quickly and we are usually fully booked 4 weeks out.
It is strongly encouraged to book reservations for Board and Train at least 2 months ahead of time in order to avoid complications. Reservations are written in pencil and dates can be changed. A refundable (within one week of reservation) deposit is required to hold your spot. The Intensive program is designed for dogs who are often involved in legal issues and we will always work hard to accommodate these cases.


An effective program with a documented 99.5% success ratio! 

NOTE: Dogs who have bitten or have severe aggression to animals, must do the “Intensive 5 Week Board & Train” which is set up just like the “5 Week Board & Train” but your dog will be trained by our Senior Behaviorists.

The Academy of Canine Behavior has offered a month long Board and Train program since the beginning of our existence. Through those years the program has endured many changes making it the most progressive and successful programs available. This is our most effective program.  With this service, your dog stays with us at our facility for 5 weeks.  We make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training program for your dog.

Your dog is trained in all types of practical situations, inside and outside.  The dog is worked around people, other dogs and in many different environments.  Regular visits are scheduled for you and your family to come in and learn to work under our supervision.  These guided training sessions give you an opportunity to learn more about canine behavior.  We teach you the same methods we use in training your dog.  Working with you ensures that the new, positive behavior, will transfer to your environment.  The 5 week program includes unlimited follow-up private lessons for the life of the dog.

Does your dog…

  • Act possessive of a thing or place, but has not bitten?
  • Act aggressive towards other dogs or people, but has not bitten?
  • Has problems with house training?
  • In general, has bad manners?

For many owners, it is the most practical way for a dog to receive the training they need – especially if:

  • You are short on time
  • You are going on vacation
  • If the problem you are having with your dog would benefit from professional intervention

What you can expect from our board and train program: 

  • Dogs will understand concept of all commands on the Word List.  Also, that they will perform these commands, on leash, with their owner.
  • At least 3 visits for you and your family to learn the concepts and training that your dog has learned here during the program. To finish the program, we require one follow up visit where the owner brings the dog back in to discuss training issues.
  • Unlimited follow up visits for the life of your dog. Once you leave we don’t just stop helping you, as we know dogs go through many changes in their life. Follow up visits are equivalent to a private lesson, one on one with a trainer.
  • Assigned Primary Care trainer to watch over your dog’s physical and emotional well being during your dog’s stay here.
  • Outings to either the store or park while here. Helping to generalize that not only does the training apply here on our property, but everywhere the dogs go.
  • All dogs will work with multiple trainers while here to continue to understand the concept of generalizing and that they listen to anybody, not just their Primary Care trainer.

The following is essential to a great trainer/dog relationship, and also improving the trainer’s overall knowledge of your dog’s physical and mental state:

  • Play romps in our classroom or outside around the grounds. This will happen at least 3 times a week.
  • Socialization/Manners: Each dog will be placed in a different area on a leash and will get work on having manners throughout the day and/or learning to cope with the new environment.


The Intensive program is for dogs who require the expertise of our Senior Behaviorists in order to be the most successful. Just like the 5 week program, your dog stays here for 5 weeks with you visiting at least once a week, after the second week. The Intensive program comes with FREE Private Lessons for the life of the dog.

During your dog’s stay with us they will be assigned a Senior Behaviorist as their Primary Trainer who will tailor their training to your specific needs


This varies somewhat from the 5 week Program. With the 2 week option, your dog stays for 2 full weeks, then at the end of the stay you will come in and have an hour long working session with a trainer to learn techniques and variables about your dog. This is a good obedience foundation building service that we offer, however there are no additional follow up visits with this option. If you need additional assistance with your dog, Private Lessons are available at a discounted rate.

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