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You can listen to the interview that Colleen McDaniel (co-owner of AOCB) did with AM 1150 KKNW’s Martha Norwalk here:

Updated Message from the Owners

The video itself is understandably disturbing to watch. This does not reflect the training protocols of AOCB. We apologize for any concern this has caused to our clients and the entire community. We will continue to be as transparent as possible.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the timeline of events and we would like to clarify those for anyone that has a true concern.

Although the video was filmed 2 years ago no one in management had knowledge of the incident in question.

The video was only recently released to Animal Control when they arrived for a surprise inspection of the facility and to talk to the person involved. Upon completion of interviewing the subject of the video and conducting a surprise inspection of the facility we were informed that no further action would be taken.

A request was made for the owners and management to be able have a copy of the video so that we could see what the situation was, but before this request could be fulfilled the video was posted to social media.

At the time the complaint came in, the trainer in question was reassigned to a position that did not involve caring for client dogs. Having been unable to view the contents of the video and the fact that Animal Control implied they had cleared her from any animal cruelty claims we were sure this was the right step.

On Monday evening, along with the rest of the world, we were finally able to see the video in question and immediately took actions to remedy the situation. The subject of the video has not been in our employment since we were able to see the video on Monday evening.

The unacceptable laughter and comments heard by the person filming the session are from a past employee who has not worked for AOCB in 1 ½ years. Due to legal constraints we are not allowed to disclose why she was let go from AOCB. We find the attitude and behavior exhibited by this person to be very appalling.

Addressing other Voiced Concerns:

Separate from our training program we have our boarding program which has also come under attack. Everyone at AOCB from kennel technicians to the front office is instructed to put the care of the dogs first and foremost. Anyone not meeting our standards of care does not EVER remain employed here.

The Academy’s policy for the care of the animals is:

1. Fresh water is to be available at all times anywhere an animal is located, inside or outside.

2. Runs are scooped all throughout the day when needed.

3. Every surface the dogs utilize, inside and out are cleaned and disinfected every day. Any messes are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day as they happen.

4. Feeding happens twice a day unless requested differently by the owner.

AOCB has met and exceeded all unscheduled kennel inspection requirements in our over 35 years of business.


-Jack and Colleen

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