COVID-19 announcements

The Academy of Canine Behavior’s COVID-19 announcements

MARCH 16th: 

To Our Valued Clients

I wanted to take a moment to notify you that we are and will remain open. There is no need for us to close as our daily cleaning procedures are already better than what’s required to sanitize for coronavirus. Like most businesses we have had to adjust staffing, our staffing priority is and will remain direct animal care staff. Rest assured that your dogs are safe and being cared for. This will affect business operations in a limited capacity, such as call back times and appointment scheduling. We still are offering all our normal services including free behavioral evaluations. The current class schedule will run unaffected, unless government officials reduce the gathering numbers to a level that pertains to the class sizes. Given our sanitizing procedures and the fact the classes meet social distancing suggestions, we don’t see any need to make adjustment to the current session at this time. The changes in Government regulations come without much if any notice. In order to remain flexible will be scheduling our next session of classes once the coronavirus issue is not affecting people’s lives to this extreme. Our goal is to keep our changes and impact to client’s ability to rely on scheduling to minimum. 

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to our clients. Thank you for your patience and understanding as the business and community do the best in this difficult time


Russell Nelson Director Of Operations 

MARCH 27th:


AOCB opens our fields for the public to walk their dogs:

The Governor’s message on March 26th once again changed the way we all must think about our actions and lives for at least the next two weeks. We here at the Academy of Canine Behavior realize the impact these restrictions might be having as you struggle to adjust your life with your dog.

We are truly blessed to have one of the nicest facilities for dogs in the state. Being situated on ten acres that has been dedicated to dogs we would like to offer an option for those of you that wish to share our lovely grounds. At this time of year, the birds are full of song and the trees are bursting with new growth. It is a good time to get outdoors but many of our “normal” places have been made off-limits.

We will be offering our place for you to come and take a quiet walk outside with your best buddy. We will also be offering designated fenced areas for you to take your dog off leash and play fetching games or other activities that suit your dog.

1. You must call the office at 425-486-9567 to make a reservation for the time you would like. We will be restrictive on how many dogs/people can be here at any given time.
2. All rules applying to “Social Distancing” MUST be followed.
3. Any person(s) participating must sign a waiver to use our facility holding us harmless in all aspects.
4. Dogs are to be on leash at all times unless in one of the designated fenced areas.
5. We are still operating a business here and we ask that you be considerate of that. If ANY employee makes a request of you and/or your dog, please comply.
6. Please clean up after your dog.

We are offering this service free of charge at this time. Should you wish to work with a trainer while you have your dog on premise, that can be pre-arranged and there will be a fee for that. We will also be allowing on a very limited basis and for a fee, the use of our well-equipped grooming area to give your dog a bath while here. We still offer “kennel-baths” (as always). Your dog can be bathed by staff at our regular rates.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of our services.

Stay healthy.
The Academy of Canine Behavior Staff


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