Cat Boarding Info


Every cat that boards with us will need the following form submitted at check-in. This form does not need to be completed ahead of time but it will make the check-in process much quicker for you.

Cat Check-In Form


If your cat needs an update on inoculations, it should be done at least 72 hours prior to the boarding date. Most vaccines take at least this amount of time to boost your cat’s immunity. Proof of Vaccinations is required for all cats checking in (Verbal confirmation will not be accepted. Physical paperwork is required).  Your vet can email us your records to: Please call if you have any questions regarding our vaccine requirements. It is our experience that vaccine recommendations may vary from one veterinarian to another. The information from our research of guidelines for feline vaccines has brought us to recommend the following to all our clientele:

  • FVRCP (Required for boarding)
  • Rabies (Required for boarding)
  • Leukemia (If your cat ever goes outside or has ever been outside, then it is required for boarding)

What to bring with your cat

1) We recommend that all cats remain in their cat carriers while being transported. (Keep in mind, your cat may be behaved but other cats may not.) All carriers will be sent home with you. When you come to pick-up your cat, remember to bring in their carrier to transport them back to your vehicle.

2) Each cat condo has bedding in them. If you do not wish for your cat to have bedding during their stay, simply inform our staff while checking in. We would prefer that you don’t bring in your own personnel bedding since we have found that some cats destroy bedding while boarded. If you feel that your cat must have its own bedding, we will take it with the understanding that you may not get it back in the shape it was in when you dropped it off.

3) Cat toys are like bedding. We would prefer you request a toy if you feel your cat may need one. If the cat must have one of their own toys, it is important for you to know that we reserve the right to pull the toy(s) from their condo at any time. All toys provided by the owner must be inspected before acceptance.


If your cat requires any medications during their stay, they will need to be kept in their original container.


Your cat will have access to food and water at all times during their stay. The foods we feed in the cattery are quality products. We offer Kirkland Signature Super Premium Feline Kitten, Feline Adult and Feline Senior formulas. In addition to Precise kibble products, we offer Precise canned food (chicken based). We encourage you to bring your cat’s own canned food if you feel it would be best. If you have your cat on a food that we do not have in stock and wish to keep the cat on that food, please bring in a quantity sufficient for their stay. Or if your cat requires any supplements to his diet, please bring that in with them.


When it comes to litter and cats, it’s important to have what’s best for your cat. We use Mountain Cat litter in our cattery. We also have available Pearls and Clay litter. If you would prefer your cat to have their own litter, please be sure to bring enough for their entire stay.

Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures

As mentioned above, we recommend that all cats remain in their cat carriers while on property. Leaving your cat in the car, check in with the front office. After confirming your reservation and your cat’s going home date, you can bring your cat into the office to have a kennel technician bring your cat to the cattery. Upon pick-up, you will again check into the front office where you will settle your account. We need a 24 hour notice of any changes in the established pick-up time or date. We will make an effort to have the cat ready on a shorter notice, but this is not always possible.

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