Regular Boarding

All dogs using our boarding services will enjoy indoor heated and air-conditioned runs. (Approximately 6′ by 8′ indoor). Throughout the day they will receive plenty of time let out into their own personal outdoor run (8′ by 22′). They are given chew toys, bedding, and treats (by request). Feedings are twice a day, with a morning and evening meal, however we can accommodate whatever schedule you request.

Boarding Upgrade Options

With any of the add-on options, you may customize the amount of days the add-ons are given. For example: every day, every other day, every third day, etc.

Board and Spoil

This is by far our most popular boarding option. Board & Spoil gives the dogs time outside of the kennel with extra interaction from the staff here at the Academy. Your dog will be taken out for walks around our 10 acre property, or taken to our large enclosed grass area to run or to play ball or Frisbee. If your dog enjoys interacting with other dogs, they will be able to play with other dogs as well as staff members.

Exercise Yard

The Exercise Yard is a nice median between Regular Boarding and the Board and Spoil option. If you wish, you may have your dog turned out into an exercise yard daily to run about and play as they want. If they are social and enjoy time with other dogs, they may also have time out with another dog or two.

Daycare Add-Ons*

*Dogs must be pre-approved for daycare before using this option. Not available on weekends or holidays.
With the daycare add-ons, your dog is taken for a “day outing” in our daycare facility to run and play with other dogs and staff members. Available 10am to 2pm, during weekdays.

Board and Train Add-Ons*

Dogs complete our 5 week Board and Train Program before adding this option.

Get some training brush ups and mental stimulation with daily sessions with one of our trainers. Trainers focus on basic obedience, manners, and helping you meet your goals on specific behavior issues.

Stop by for a Tour!

Tours are conducted Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  There is no need to call for an appointment, just stop in. We look forward to showing you around and answering all of your questions! (Dogs are not allowed on kennel tours as it will upset our other clients.)

For questions on what Training program to put your dog in, we strongly recommend coming in for a Free Behavior Evaluation.

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Monday-Saturday: 9AM-6PM
Sunday: CLOSED


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