"I have to say this place is OVER STAFFED! It's great, the dogs are happy and well cared for, they offer lots of service, NON-Violent training. Doggy daycare that is well supervised and well screened. the facilities do not smell "doggy" at all. My own dog was trained there 9 years ago. I would feel safe leaving my dog in there care. It is clean. There is lots of human dog and dog dog contact. I can not say enough."

-Brennan H.


The Academy of Canine Behavior has been wonderful to us! Tracy and her assistant trainers have made sure that Storm is just an incredible dog to have in our house and family. Storm's behavior is excellent! Storm also boards at the AOCB whenever we are out of town and as soon as we drive into the parking lot Storm is excited and happy to be back! Without a doubt this is the best place to train, board and groom your dog. Just ask Storm! He gives it a 5 Paw rating!


I am a HUGE fan of the Academy of Canine Behavior, especially staff members Becca Graham and Tracy Ross. Both of these ladies have gone above and beyond their staff duties to work with my family and our two terriers. Our first terrier, a Cairn named Luigi, was a rescue dog. We brought him to the Academy when he first came to us and Tracy and Becca both worked tirelessly with us to solve many of his difficult habits and most of all teach us to be really good pet owners. Luigi has gone from being a fearful, aggressive lost dog to a very happy, friendly, well trained member of our family. When we added our second dog to the family, an Bedlington Terrier named Jester, Becca was especially helpful to us. This dog is my daughters show dog and Becca spent many hours with Jester and my daughter working to make their relationship strong and teaching them to work beautifully together in the ring. Thanks to both Tracy and Becca for being such an important part of our family and our dog's lives these past years! Don't know what we would have done without you both!! 
I highly recommend the Academy of Canine Behavior for whatever dog needs you might have. I took my first set of puppy and obedience classes about 16 years ago with my kelpie and my cattle dog. Tracy was the instructor. She was and is phenomenal! She taught me how to work with my dogs as a team and how to produce positive outcomes. Over the years if an issue came up I've always been able to count on Tracy to talk me through the issue and help me see the problem from my dog's point of view. It wasn't easy when my kelpie became a little senile in her old age, but Tracy helped me through it. I was devastated when my cattle dog died and I did not plan to get another dog, but luckily Tracy and her big heart, is always trying to save homeless pets. She presented a chihuahua puppy that needed a foster home. That was two years ago and needless to say I cannot imagine what my life would be like without my little chihuahua. I took the puppy fundamentals with my chihuahua and Becca was the instructor. Becca is just as caring and committed as Tracy. Becca and Tracy are both very clear and easy to understand when giving lessons. They see each dog as an individual and have many strategies to pull from depending on the dog needs. I decided this summer I was ready to once again have a 2nd dog. I got a very energetic kelpie puppy and I signed up for puppy classes. Becca was the instructor and I am so thankful for all of her help. My puppy is way more hyper than any other dog I have ever known and Becca showed me several ideas to help keep her entertained without destroying my house. Once we passed the puppy basics. I signed up for obedience class with Krista as the instructor and once again I am thrilled with the amount of attention she gives to every dog and owner. All three instructors have high expectations and are all willing to bend over backwards to help everyone meet their individual goals with their dogs. I am planning to sign up for beyond basics next and one of my friends asked me why, because in her eyes both my chihuahua and my kelpie have pretty perfect behavior at this point. While I have to agree with her, it just seems that The Academy of Canine Behavior has more that they can teach me and my pup. Also, my dog gets so happy every time we pull into the driveway, it's as if it is a special treat to get to go to class.
Becca AKA the dog whisperer (as I refer to her) is AMAZING!! I am so impressed with how she handles dogs and the way in whichthe dogs respect her. I am also very impressed that anytime I call her she will give me advice and I don't have to pay for the advice or phone calls. Very helpful and I highly reccomend this place for troubled dogs.
This is a great place to take your dog. Tracy is a wonderful compasionate trainer. She helped us so much training us and our puppy. We have a great dog thanks to acob!

"You guys did a great job flooding him with 'socialization opportunities.'  I took him to the farmers market in Anacortes on Saturday and there were all sorts of dogs.  He was perfect...even when I didn't see them coming until they were nose to nose.  He was gentle and polite.

Again we thank you for the good work you do."





"I want to thank you, Tracy and all your staff for taking care of and training my Pride.

When I visited I was impressed with your beautiful campus and the clean, warm and well appointed kennel and training facilities. While it was difficult for me to part with my little guy, it was reassuring that he was being well taken care of and trained with care and gentleness.

Thank-you again for your dedication, caring, and the thoughtful consideration you provide for the animals in your care."

-Jerry K. and "Pride"



 "Just wanted to let you know she has been doing AMAZING! We've been walking with (my son) every day and today we went to an open air market w/ tons of people and dogs and she behaved exceptionally well. I've been told more in the last two weeks than the whole time I've had her what a well behaved dog she is.

Thanks again for everything you did with her. It's so nice to take her everywhere I go and have her so well mannered."

Sharon M. and "Jaya"






"Just wanted to say that the other night seeing Bella was awesome! She was doing really good and my wife and I were very impressed by you. We really appreciate the great effort that your putting in to our pooch! Thanks for everything!!!

God Bless,

 JJ A. and "Bella"