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Sly was owned by a single mother of two young children who was overwhelmed with them and a teenage Shepherd so she asked us for help in rehoming him. We took Sly in and did 5 weeks of training on him to firm up his obedience. Thanks to Gayle Long we were put in touch with a woman looking for Seeing Eye Dog and specifically wanted a young male German Shepherd! Sly is now in training to be her eyes and the early socialization of his caring family combined with the professional obedience training here at AOCB have made him a great candidate for a true working partner.

His new owner reports that Sly has settled in well and is rock steady during his frequent outings. She adores him already and knows that he has found his true calling in life.

Thanks to all who came out to support this weekend! Tracy was able to raise $1100 towards finding a cure cancer.
Susan G Komen Fundraiser Yard Sale this weekend!
Saturday 6/27/09, Sunday 6/28/09 from 9 am to 4 pm.

Come out and support breast cancer survivors and research. One of our employees is doing the Susan G Komen 3-Day Cancer walk, and we will be hosting a huge yard sale here at our facility to help raise money for this great cause. Donations only and all proceeds go to the Susan G Komen Foundation.


Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show

Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show

Seattle Kennel Club Booth

Event: Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show - March 7th and 8th, 2009

Thanks for all of you who came out to see us! We had a great time talking to folks in the community, educating people on training, behavior, and services and just getting out there. We look forward to more opportunities like this to see you all!

Puppy Mill Fostering, 2009

Many of you may have heard about the hundreds of dogs and puppies seized from the Skagit county puppy mill raids in the last few months. We at the Academy find it very important to ensure that all dogs, including these, have proper socializing and the happiest, healthiest upbringing possible. That's why we have stepped in, along side other Shelters and Humane Societies to help foster some of these unfortunate dogs while there fate is being decided in the court system. We are helping to make them happy, social little dogs, so when they DO go to their new homes, they have the best start available to them.

 ** Please do not contact us about adopting these puppy mill dogs. We are housing them until the courts make a decision on where they should go. If we are able to adopt them out at a future date, they will be listed on our Adoption Dogs page, and will be made available through a riggorous home screening process. Thank you for your help and concern.