The Greek Dogs' Story

The Greek Dogs' Story



This story is how Black and his 4 companions ended up in the States:

We first heard about the dogs and their owner's senseless murder about 6 weeks ago. Vicki, the victim’s sister, called the Academy asking for help with her dead brother’s five rescued dogs. We were sickened when Vicki explained how her brother, DR. Asteri’s Fotiadou had suffered a gruesome murder at the hands of two pathetic drug addicts. The local newspaper wrote the following: 

"This last December two Greek nationals were arrested for the murder of a Thessaloniki psychiatrist. The doctor’s body was found gagged and bound to a chair. According to police sources the suspects had set fire to the consulting room and Dr. Asteris Fotiadis died of smoke inhalation.  The two men had been denied a prescription for methadone by the doctor; they were addicts and wanted to sell the drugs on the street."


The following is what his sister Vicki had to say about who her brothers tragedy: 

"On December 19th  2011, Dr Fotiadis (my brother) was working late in his office finishing some paperwork. The next day he was to attend a family reunion in London for the Christmas and New Year holiday. Two drug addicts broke into his office demanding he write them a prescription for drugs they could sell on the streets. When he refused they tied him to his chair. While bound and gagged they set fire to his consulting room and he died of inhalation. The first responders were unable to contact his mother as she had already flown to London for the family reunion. Once we received word of my brother’s untimely and horrific death the entire family flew to Greece for his funeral. This would become our family reunion."

In addition to his death, Vicki would also like you to know about how he lived and why we need your help.

"Asteris was a bit quiet, a little shy, low key with a great sense of humor. My brother was a brilliant doctor who had a generous heart and would give you the shirt off his back. He would often treat people who could only afford to pay with locally caught fish. His heart and passion was in helping the local dogs. The dogs are treated like dirt in our native country (Thessaloniki). Including but not limited to frequently being shot or poisoned. My brother grew up caring for animals in need, so when the local shelter asked him for help, he accepted without hesitation .Asteris decided to volunteer at the “center for stray animals” but when they became too full to accept any more dogs, my brother chose to adopt several of them so they would not be subjected to a senseless, painful death. He personally saved FIVE dogs, taking them into his home, loving them and giving them the best possible life.. SO the family came together and decided, in remembrance of Asteris, they would do everything to assure his dogs would not meet the same fate. His dogs would be shipped to the US."


The trip to America was not only very expensive but has proven to be challenging. Removing FIVE dogs from Greece, teaching them to understand English and adjust to America has been difficult. Ensuring their health and we are now trying to find them the homes her brother would be proud of.