Luna's Story of Survival





Hello, my name is Luna and I have a heartbreaking story of survival. I was surrendered to a shelter when I was about 1 1/2 years old because my owner could no longer care for me. I wasn't doing so well in the noisy shelter environment, so I was sent to a place they thought was a sanctuary. It turned out to be nothing like a sanctuary at all.

I spent the next six years of my life stuck in a closet type room with no heat, light, or fresh air, living in my own waste, never taken outside, and rarely cleaned. There was no sunlight and the smell of so many dogs in a small space was overwhelming. I only recieved turkey necks or spoiled meat for food and water a couple times a week - if I was lucky. There were over 100 dogs there as well and some of them were forced to live in travel crates under the same filthy conditions with lack of food and water. Some days I wanted to give up, but I have a resilient soul and a great will to experience a home once again.

People found out what was happening in that awful place and tried to help. The word got out, people protested outside the dilapidated warehouse where we kept, and the owner of that so called sanctuary could no longer take it.

One night, all of us we're put in tiny wooden boxes without room to even turn around, stacked three high, in a dark semi-trailer. I had no idea what was happening, how long I would have to sit in the box, or if I would ever see the light of day again. After days on the road, the back of the trailer opened and I could see the sun and smell fresh air.

I was so scared when they got me out of the box. There were several people I had never met standing around staring at me. I had opportunity to run away and I did! I ran toward the desert as fast as I could. Because of all that time without food, water, or exercise, I didn't get very far. Someone caught me and handed me back to the owner of that so called sanctuary. As I marched up the ramp of the semi-trailer, I looked back at the people, pleading for someone to please help me. I was forced back in the dark, filthy, small box. So much for my short found freedom! When will this nightmare end?

Finally a kennel was ready for me and kind people with soothing voices, food, and fresh water took care of me. I was outside in the beautiful Arizona desert - finally free from hell.

One day I was loaded in a crate and sent on an airplane adventure! I ended up back in Washington state where I was back at the shelter with a warm bed, toys, blankets, and loving volunteers and staff who want the best for me. The found out that I still know all of my basic commands, I love to play fetch, AND snuggle on the couch!

The fabulous people at the Academy of Canine Behavior have donated lots of time and resources for my rehab. My training comes with a lifetime of follow-up lessons, so they've got my back!

I am alive, a survivor, and I have lots of love to give! Now I need a hero to step up and make my dream of a forever home come true. If you adopt me, I promise a lifetime of snuggles, companionship, and devotion. You may not be my perfect friend, but my home is out there, and if you share my story, we can find each other! Becca: or 425-486-9567

Luna's Flier

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