Letzter has been adopted!

Leztzer's Journey, The Last Stop to Forever




Letzter is a 3 year old Shepherd mix who hasn't had a fair shot in life. Originally from a hoarding situation, he was sent to the Devore shelter and then was transported to Forks, WA and the Olympic Animal "Sanctuary" where rehabilitation of this feral dog was promised. Instead of rehab he was locked in a travel crate 24 hours a day for 1 1/2 years where he was forced to eat, sleep, and potty in the same small space without much human contact. The "Sanctuary" operator believed feral dogs need to be confined to small spaces, never getting exposure, never getting the chance he was promised.

Guardians of Rescue stepped in and made a place for them to go in Arizona. A simple picture broke my heart but I wasn't sure we would be needed to help him however 4 months later he was still there. While there he made a lot of progress but it was clear that in order to get him further along he needed one-on-one care so arrangements were made to get him out and we picked him up on 4/18/2014. We will try to chronicle his behavior modification training as he progresses from feral outcast to beloved pet.

Letzter is tentatively available at this time but feel free to email me at beccagraham08@gmail.com for more information.

He has made a lot of progress and is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. He has proven himself to be safe to handle no matter how scared. Because the type of home he will require will not change no matter how social he becomes, we've decided to list him. Letzter needs an experienced home that has another dog. Must be local and willing to come to Bothell atleast twice a week to just hang out with him.

Letzter's Flyer

Letzter's Flyer

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