Adoption Dogs

Occasionally we will have dogs available for adoption and most are not listed here. We do not normally accept dogs to sponsor for adoption unless they have been through our 5 Week Board and Train Program. For more information on our available dogs please call (425) 486-9567 and specify what you are looking for in a companion. If you are interested in meeting any of our adoption dogs please call ahead to schedule an appointment!

Please Note: We are not an Adoption facility. This is a community service we provide on a very limited basis. We appreciate your understanding and ask that you exhaust all other options in rehoming your dog before contacting us for advise. We rarely take in a dog off of an evaluation or phone call.

PRIVATE ADOPTION: Buddy needs a home

Buddy is around 6 years of age. He came to us at around 2 years of age. He weighs approximately 30 pounds. He is in excellent health and up to date on his vaccinations. He had a full dental cleaning in 2015.

He is very smart and affectionate. He loves toys and balls (fetching). He does well with other dogs, and has lived with our female dog in harmony for 4 years. We have also had many fosters. He seems to prefer company of dog aware dogs. He can be territorial, but is easily up into place by firm direction and obedience practices.

Buddy does not do well small children and is anxious with new people. He quickly warms up, but he likes to be the one to initiate contact with new people. He can react aggressively, if not introduced properly. He seems more nervous in an urban setting and reacts to bicycles, loud cars and trucks, and joggers. He had bitten people. He is easy to predict, and is not a risk to those that he is used to being around in his usual setting.

He is very house broken and doesn't have accidents in the house. He is fine being left alone during the day and he is not destructive of property. He is crate trained, but we don't crate him when he is left alone and he does fine.

If interested please e-mail Britni Curtis


Rocco is overall a wonderful family dog, with impeccable manners around our 4 year old son, house cat, and most visitors to the house. He enjoys playing with all members of the family and is very good about engaging appropriately, for example he will let our 4 year old "win" at tug of war, whereas he will play to win with an adult. While we have a lot of good things to say about him, he has shown to be reactive on leash around dogs he does not know. This is a problem as we have a relatively small fenced yard where he can run around, however we still need to take him out for walks/runs to properly exercise him, and inevitably we meet other dogs on leash. He has never hurt or bit a person or animal, however restraining him around other dogs can be difficult and require quite a bit of strength. We took Rocco to the Academy of Canine Behavior, to see how training might help us, and after evaluation they felt there could be improvement and even stop the leash reactivity altogether. However, based on breed, age, history, and our family situation rehoming might be the best option. They referred us to you, in the hopes of finding a home that might have more space for him to run in or a family able to do follow up training.  We are expecting another child in late April, and the combination of that life event with the issues with reactivity around unfamiliar dogs have led us to the difficult situation where we feel a different home and larger yard would benefit both dog and humans. We’ve answered the questions on the surrender form to give you more information about Rocco.